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How to clean your airbrush

Cleaning your airbrush:


Rashard Jones here with 3js airbrushing in Greensboro N.C. Today I’m writing a small article on the proper methods to cleaning your airbrush. First we will detail the proper way to clean your airbrush between two different colors. If you are not fortunate to have a host of airbrushes which was the case for me when I first started airbrushing, you may have to change colors repeatedly between colors. The draw back for this is the time it takes to change colors. With airbrushing time is money, but due to limited airbrushes this may be your reality. As much time as it takes, you must do a good job of cleaning your airbrush between color exchanges. Note: I know that there are a ton of messages out their endorcing “Windex” as a viable way to clean your airbrush between colors. Windex is an awesome way to clean your airbrush between uses, however it’s equally as effective at damaging your gun. Windex has an ingredient in it called “Acetone” with will eat away at the chrome of your gun; particularly inside of your cup “Topfed airbrushes”. That chrome which will be compromised is important for a number of reasons including cleaning your gun. Beneath that pretty chrome of your airbrush is copper. Copper is much harder metal and not as smooth as chrome. Therefore in the future it will be almost impossible to get paint out of your gum because of the lack of chrome.

Getting back to cleaning your airbrush. So between colors, the best way to clean your gun is to first empty excess paint back into the bottle (airbrush paint is expensive). Try and be smart about how much paint your putting in your gun in the first place. It takes time to process how much paint you’ll need for a particular space on your artwork, but over time that wasted paint is going to be money out of your pocket. After you empty paint back into the bottle, there will still be a modest amount of airbrush paint still in the barrel and nozzle of your airbrush in Winston Salem. It is a good practice to have a bottle where you can spray that excess paint. This is important for promoting a healthy work environment. If you are just spraying that modest excess paint into the air, what starts out being a modest amount of paint can quickly accumulate into a lot of toxic and unhealthy paint just floating around in the air.

Once you’ve made it through emptying your airbrush, next take some water and spray it into your airbrush in Burlington N.C. Spray that water through your airbrush in Asheboro N.C. until your airbrush in Asheboro is empty. Next spray some Iwata airbrush cleaner into your airbrush in Winston Salem N.C. Spray your airbrush in Winston Salem N.C. until all the Iwata airbrush cleaner is completely out of your airbrush in Winston Salem N.C. At this point your airbrush in Greensboro N.C. should be clean. Please not that when you are transitioning from light colors to dark colors you may not have to exert as much energy in cleaning your airbrush in Greensboro N. C.

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