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Evolving from just an artist into "Artistically Entertaining".

When I realized that I was an artist, I never in my wildest dreams would have ever envisioned myself as also being an entertainer. Every artist I had ever known dressed in cloths soiled with oil paints and their hands resembled a Bob Ross pallet. Other pictures I had in my head of artist were weird guys who were unorganized, unreliable, airheads who lived in a sea of spontaneity. On one hand I liked the picture of being unique from others, however I learned through playing athletics that in order to lead others you needed to have a certain level or normalcy that invited others in. When I began airbrushing at events, it offered me and my airbrush artist the opportunity to experience both the creative process and entertainment side that required for us to be relatable with those we were serving at our events. I've come to the conclusion that airbrush artist can no longer afford to just be artist any longer. We are artists who entertain. And those who adapt will be rewarded for doing so. I've learned to consider myself an artist who uses his form of creating artwork to entertain audiences at events. With that being said, I still embrace the reality that to be a successful airbrush event artist, I must find a balance between being artists, entertainer, and professional business owner.

It's quite the dichotomy. We are both and we must excel in both areas. No one would accept us keeping kids at an event laughing all night while the party favors were sloppy and poorly produced. Conversely, we also don't want to be the sour faced artist producing amazing party favors while people are afraid to receive the airbrushed party favor from the "Grinch who stole fun". We've learned to find that happy middle area that creates a healthy balance and awesome event. Our clients appreciate an artistic performance. We would be Nieve to think that all host families were looking for was a party favor. If that was the case, they could just order some out of a magazine and save the money. No, artistic entertainment is personified by airbrushmitzvah.

AirbrushMitzvah has some of the finest airbrush artist around, but I've also learned that if one of our guys is not the best artist, but he's jovial, an average artist who shows up on time and has great people skills, every will leave that event happy. We will always deal with clients and potential clients in a timely and professional manner, but that's not all they are looking from in an airbrush artist. Clients need to feel that we understand what is important to them and are willing to go above and beyond to ensure their event is a success.

I like to think of myself and our artist as top notch, but I've also learned to appreciate the fact that we've evolved from just being artist into artistic entertainers.

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