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Why Airbrushing is a must at your Mitzvah

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Why Your Mitzvah Needs Airbrush Artists

We get it and you are right; Every event needs Some form of entertainment, maybe a cool vendor, or perhaps something to cause your guest to never forget their experience.

Airbrush Mitzvah will help bring the best of all those ideas to any event. Combining the entertainment of an artist creating right in front of you, with the fun of beautiful, personalized merchandice. Here is a list of reasons why your Mitzvah event needs an airbrush artist.1. Entertainment Is Key At Mitzvah's as you may know, one of the best ideas to have a successful Mitzvah is to hire the right form of entertainment. Sometimes parents are flooded with options for their child's Mitzvah. Making sure that an entertainer is age appropriate for the Mitzvah, is enjoyable to watch, will create excitement, and doesn’t make your guest cringe at any moment.

Airbrussh artist do something that most others can't; created an custom item right in front of your guest that they can't give feedback on and put on immediately. 2. Instant gratification; one of the main benefits of hiring an airbrush artist is that the cool designs they create in front of you can be worn at the very same event at which they were made. Because the airbrushed article is being produced with air, it literally dries in only minutes. 3. Mitzvah Event Ice Breakers: with your out of town family, this is a great opportunity when it comes to a Mitzvah. Seeing people all around wearing cool, custom-made airbrushed hats or other goodies is bound to help break the ice and could be a great conversation lead. Everyone is going to want to know where your cool merch came from, and how they can get their hands on it. 4. Awesome Mitzvah Souvenirs: This is Another great reason to have an airbrush artist at your event to custom design cool, custom items, is that they make for the best souvenirs! Your family member will be thinking back on your Mitzvah for years as they continue wearing their party favors into adulthood. There is nothing like watching a professional airbrush artist at work on your own custom piece. Airbrushing at your Mitzvah will Turn any event into a live event with AirbrushMitzvah.

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