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Airbrushing Vehicle and Vehicle parts

Think airbrushing is just for T-shirts, hats, and faces…Not anymore!!! Custom airbrushing vehicles and vehicle parts have become very popular in the last few years. This type of airbrushing is done by airbrush artists who are very artistic or at least know how to use an airbrush and are familiar with the other materials needed in custom airbrushing. As long as you know how to airbrush, then learning how to airbrush on 3-D plastic or metal shapes will not be difficult. The following are some guideline to follow when airbrushing vehicles and vehicle parts… Design – As if you were making a gallery presentation, develop a portfolio of your airbrush artwork. This portfolio can be shown to prospective customers as a way to display your creativity and capabilities as an airbrush artist. When possible, leave your business card at auto shops after showing the owner your portfolio. You never know when you may meet a customer looking for your style of airbrushing. Surface Preparation – No matter if the surface is a hood liner or a motorcycle tank, the surface has to be flawless before it can be airbrushed. Have it supplied to you ready for airbrushing or have a professional prepare the surface. The process of preparing the surface can be very assiduous and that is the time and effort the airbrush artist could use to complete the project. Paints- The types of paints use by airbrush artists differ from those paints used in the fine art field. Polyurethanes and acrylic lacquers are commonly used as automotive paints. Airbrush artists like these paints because they are easy to spray (Caution: These paints are very toxic, it is best to invest in a high-quality mask). It is best to do your research on the type or brand of paints to use because their drying times tend to vary and some may not be compatible with some vehicle or vehicle part surfaces. Visit the library, an art supply store, or do a Google search to gather the necessary information. Clear Coating – Clear coating really brings the final project together. Typically, this process should be left for a professional. However, if you choose to handle this process yourself, remember you have to sand the surface in between clear coat applications. If you are an airbrush artist who has always stuck with the basic and want to try your luck at something new or a customer who wants to stand out from the rest with 3-D texture and designs, then give it a try…give US a try! We would love to give you a quote. And for the artist who wants to expand their airbrushing prowess, 3 J’s Airbrushing offers airbrushing classes in Greensboro, NC.

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